Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Magazine covers

As I write this, the naked figure of a very pregnant Brittany Spears has invaded magazine covers all over the world. There has been a great amount of controversy over this piece of artwork throughout the world. Some Brittany fans are offended that she would pose in such a manner while others seem to think it is absolutely wonderful that she feels free enough to do this. And then, there are the people who think that this is her latest attempt to command the spotlight on her fading career. No matter what the reasoning or public opinion is, the magazine covers aren't hiding too much.

In fact, magazine covers on any publication these days aren't hiding very much at all. There have been many magazine covers that portray women in very revealing poses with very little covering their bodies. Each and every year it seems that the magazine publications are trying to outdo one another, seeing who can get the most talked about covers. Words that were taboo many years ago are now appearing rather boldly on magazine covers as well. We stand in lines at the grocery store checkouts and read trashy headlines on the gossip magazines. Some of these headlines are obviously false statements, which is strange to begin with, but they capture their audience's attention. Actors and actresses pose for the magazine covers letting the world know that it is perfectly acceptable to wear clothing that is barely there. These are the magazine covers that our children are seeing each and every day.

Of course, the worthwhile magazines that respectable publications produce cannot be found in the checkout lines. Parenting magazines feature magazine covers of adorable children. Parents put their children in contests and get them involved in modeling for the hopes of their own child being on the magazine covers someday. Time Magazine has produced hundreds of memorable magazine covers throughout history. You can order your favorites online, or even order or view the magazine cover from the week of your birth as well. It makes a wonderful gift for someone who enjoys history.

It is amazing that something so trivial as magazine covers can have such an influence on society. Whether someone is dressed to impress or not dressed at all, everyone has an opinion that they just have to share. Someone always ends up offended. Magazine covers can intrigue their readers simply from the promising features on the cover about what they can find inside. Clothing styles can be set; reputations for certain celebrities can be made or ruined. Magazine covers almost have the power to influence any part of the world and society they want.