Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Low cut jeans can go a little too far. I think all of my readers can think of an instance in which they felt the same way. It is never the skinny chicks that bring us to think these things about clothing. It is the more robust women out there that do not know when to stop that make us change our mind about revealing attire. Although it sickens me to see high school age girls and younger walking around with their jail bait butts hanging out the back of their pants, it is not nearly as gross as the post-menopausal woman who has stuffed a size sixteen butt into a size six pair of low cut jeans.

We all know how this image goes. We have all seen some idiot woman walking around in public like this. Didn't her mama teach her any shame? Does she own a mirror? Low cut jeans may look cute on some, but not many. Most girls who sport these pants probably shouldn't be. The rest of them kind of look like sluts. You know it is true. Do not try to act like I am being harsh here. The more skin you show and the more south your pants sit, the more of a slut you look like. Low cut jeans, halter tops, clothes that are just too tight or too small - it is all the same. Put some clothes on. Have a little respect for yourself. It is so sad that it has almost made the turn into funny.

My mother works in a junior high school where the oldest students top off at thirteen years old. Now I know that you all know how children of this age are, or at least how they were. Youth culture has taken some strange and alarming turns since you or I were that age. One of the weirdest changes is the attitudes these children seem to have about sex. You can see evidence of these attitudes in the clothes the children wear. My mother calls some of the girls at school prostitots.

I thought that this term was hilarious the first time I heard it but after thinking about its implications for a while, it makes me a little sick to my stomach. It goes a lot farther than the low cut jeans. These young girls have adopted a low cut attitude. Lowbrow, low class, low expectations. Think about what clothes and appearances say to others before you buy your daughter a pair of low cut jeans. Let's be honest - they are thirteen and they do not work. Therefore, they are not buying the clothes on their own. Put bluntly, If your daughter looks like a prostitot, it is mostly your fault.