Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Los angeles vacation

I have always been fascinated with the California lifestyle - particularly Los Angeles. Ever since I saw Beverly Hills 90210, which I watched religiously, it was my goal to take a Los Angeles vacation someday. I wanted to see everything around there. Finally, I had a boyfriend who loved to travel and we decided to plan a Los Angeles vacation for 10 days. Needless to say, I was thrilled. There were so many things that I wanted to see. Plus, I was convinced that while on my Los Angeles vacation, I'd see some celebrities and perhaps get some autographs.

While we didn't have a ton of money, we decided to do the absolute best that we could to accomplish everything that was on our 'to do' list. I didn't want to stay in a cheesy hotel but I realized that Los Angeles was not as cheap as someplace else would be. So, I settled for a mediocre hotel and made the reservations. I did my best to pack things that would make me fit in while out on the West Coast, but I was pretty sure that somehow I would still look like a tourist.

Finally, the day came to board the plane for our Los Angeles vacation. I was more excited than I can describe and barely managed to remain in my seat for the flight. I think that my boyfriend was sick of me within the first hour. I figured that I'd better calm down or he and I would have a fairly miserable Los Angeles vacation instead of pleasant. I did manage to relax somewhat and let myself stare out the window and daydream. I could imagine bumping into Julia Roberts while out shopping and casually striking up a conversation with her. I didn't dare tell my boyfriend about my fantasy or he would have had me committed, that's for sure!

Finally, we landed at the airport and our Los Angeles vacation had officially begun! We took a cab to our hotel and drove through downtown. I think that I took a photo every time the car stopped. I can only imagine what the driver thought of me. But, I was very determined to make my Los Angeles vacation as memorable as possible. My first destination for our Los Angeles vacation was Hollywood. I wanted to see all of the stars and get lots more photos. I have to say that Hollywood was definitely not what I expected though. I also knew that my Los Angeles vacation would not be complete without strolling down Rodeo Drive or the Sunset Boulevard. I scanned every car around us hoping to catch a glimpse of a celebrity. I never did.

Okay, so I didn't meet any celebrities. Heck, I didn't even catch a glimpse of any of them. But, I have a lot of happy memories that I will always carry with me. My Los Angeles vacation was as wonderful as I had wanted it to be. I look forward to going back someday.