Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

There is nothing that will make your toddler more happy than a little tikes playhouse. When I was just a little one, we had the most amazing playhouse. My father built it, you see. He was not one of those dads who was always up making things you see, but when he did, it was wonderful. We had a Castle Playhouse to beat anything else in the whole entire neighborhood. It was bigger, and much more fantastic than any of the little tikes playhouses that I have ever seen. Although I recognize that little tikes playhouses are pretty good so far as ready-made playhouses go, they just do not compare to the work my father did. He made playhouses to be all.

In the summer, we would make a tree fort out in the backyard. We had a tree that had fallen down in a storm, and we would build in it. We would decorate it with branches, leaves, banners, and all other kinds of fantastic things until it looked like a fairy castle. Those were some of the best days of my life, and that is the truth. Sometimes I even wish I could return.

Of course, I do not have the time that my father had when I was a child. I often wish that I could make forts for my children, but the reality of my job means that I really just can not. So instead, I have decided to buy them all little tikes playhouses. The little tikes playhouses are not nearly up to snuff, as far as I am concerned, but the kids seem to like them a lot. There are also some advantages to little tikes playhouses over other kinds of children's forts. One of the biggest ones is that they are much safer. They are made out of fairly soft plastic, which means that it is almost impossible for a child to hurt him or herself when falling down inside one of the little tikes playhouses. This is a great advantage because at that age, children have not developed very good hand eye coordination. It is inevitable that they will fall down at some point, but unlike a full-sized fort, when they fall down inside little tikes playhouses, they have almost no chance of hurting themselves. I can still remember all the spills that I took when I was young, and I'm glad that my children will not have to go through the same thing.