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8 months ago

Top 5 Fortnite Items That You Must Get
Ever since the launch of Fortnite in the year 2017, this online multiplayer game was an instant hit among the gamers. So much so that it even ranked higher than the popular games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and more.

Having a much similar gaming vibe in Minecraft, Fortnite is available in three different gaming modes. Players are immediately hooked on accomplishing the missions and scavenging for cool Fortnite items. There are many Epic Games Fortnite item shops where you can purchase your needed items.
Below we have listed some cool Fortnite items that you must have if you are a fan of this online shooter game. Continue to read for finding out these Fortnite items.

1.    Hand Cannon
Weapon items are the most shopped and hunted items for any shooting game. It builds up your chance of survival to a great extent. One of the weapon items that is quite popular in Fortnite is the Hand Cannon and a must-have item indeed. If you need something small yet powerful, then this is the one.
Initially, this one was a rare item that was only found in the Fortnite: Save The World version. However, now this one is made available in the Battle Royale mode as well. Players can find this weapon easily in daily Llama pinatas and from loot, fallen enemies and in other ways. Some gamers may find Hand Cannon to be slow, however, does an exceptional job in causing some serious damage.

2.    Jetpacks
Keeping an eye on your enemies is difficult but so much crucial in the Fortnite battlefield. Jetpacks are one of the essential items that was made available in v4.2 update and gave the gamers an opportunity to track their opponents without killing themselves.
With the use of Jetpacks players can fly up in the sky and find a suitable spot for themselves for hideouts or fortification. But the greatest advantage you can get out of using this item is to watch where other players are located.
Since, the jetpacks are one of the legendary items they are a rare item to be found. Usually they are found in treasure chests but you have to explore a lot to discover them.

3.    Shield Potions
Potions are greatly useful items that many players tend to purchase from online Epic Games Fortnite item shop. One of the potions that is quite popular among gamers is the legendary Shield Potions.
As the name suggests this one shields the players against their opponent’s attacks. This one is a rare consumable healing potion that is found in floor loots, supply drops and treasure chests. Once you find this potion, it basically takes 5 seconds to consume and give you 50 shield points.

4.    Chug Jug
Another legendary consumable healing item that is pretty impressive is the Chug Jugs. This one is exclusively available in Fortnite: Battle Royale and is found in common locations such as supply drops, floor loot or chests.
Using Chug Jugs means getting full health plus a shield. The only downside of this item is that it takes a total 15 seconds to plug down. Hence, make sure you remain hidden from your enemies while using it.

5.    Boogie Bomb
This is by far the most fun and effective item one can find in Fortnite. The Boogie Bomb when used makes the enemies within the bomb’s radius drop down and start dancing. They are helpless as they cannot do anything but boogie to the rhythm.

Your opponent won’t be able to use any items, build or fire weapons but only groove to the tunes. They are completely defenseless and you can take advantage of that for sure. Usually found in the supply drops and chest loots, these items are very rare.

The above listed Fortnite items are some of the top items that the players scavenge for in the field. Some of them are rare and some of them are pretty easily found, however, they are indeed very useful for the players to survive and accomplish the mission.