Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

I have been going out to Las Vegas for years. Some times I go with my husband and other times I go with a girlfriend. No matter who I am with I have a great time. Vegas is one of those places that changes so regularly that it is different every time you go. The first time we went was in the late 1980’s. The Strip consisted of about six hotels and the Las Vegas deals included very inexpensive food. At that time two of the most prominent Las Vegas deals were shrimp cocktails for a dollar and steak and lobster dinners for five dollars. The buffets were also very cheap. Most breakfast buffets were advertised for less than two dollars.

Over the last twenty years things have changed. One of the first hotels we stayed at has been torn down and another stands in its place. The strip is now miles long and has many huge casino hotel resorts. The Las Vegas deals are now gained through the use of the players cards that you sign up for at the casinos. Because so many casinos are owned by the same group there are some cards that you can use at more than one casino. They have made it very easy to use the cards. You simply go to a kiosk and swipe your card to see if you have enough credits to pay for a meal in the restaurants. If you want to print out a certificate for that restaurant you enter a pin number and they take the amount off of your account. We could not believe how quickly the points added up to free meals. Each casino has four or five restaurants so you had the choice of eating free in a variety of locations. We like the restaurants in one casino but we do not like to gamble there, but that did not make any difference because they were in the same group that the card was from. The first year we had the Las Vegas deals player cards we did not pay for a meal. When it was time to go home we still had comp points on the cards so they gave us certificates to shop in the gift shop. This was great because I found several presents to bring home to the neighbors that had taken care of our dog and cat while we were gone.

We agree that the player’s cards are the best Las Vegas deals that we have found. Once you begin using them they send you discounted hotel rooms through out the year. We are not huge gamblers, but the deals that we get on food and lodging allows us extra money to gamble with.