Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Nothing is more luxurious than a long soak in a large claw-foot bathtub. The old fashioned tubs are stunning and they can turn any bathroom into a spa. However, most of us take showers more often than we do baths so we have to work around this simple fact when dealing with this type of bathtub. L shaped shower curtain rods can help you have your daily shower as well as your occasional soak.

Owning a claw-foot bathtub has been a dream of mine for many years. I love the look and the feel of these magnificent bathroom standards. When we installed our new tub in our bath I couldn’t stop smiling until I thought about the fact that we had to use the bathtub for showering more often than bathing.

Our old unit looked fine with the curtain that had a standard rod but the claw foot bathtub looked ridiculous behind the awkward arrangement. Not only that, but water sprayed on the floor around the area of the tub that wasn’t covered. We found L shaped shower curtain rods that were prefect for the area.

We thought about the different option when it came to protecting our bathroom floor from water spraying from the shower. The U shaped option seemed nice but the tub is way too close to the wall for it to be installed properly. In addition, we simply did not need that much coverage. We would wind up spending too much money on curtains that we really didn’t need. The L shaped shower curtain rods were the perfect solution to the dilemma.

Installing the L shaped shower curtain rods was not much of a challenge at all. I really love how the floor is protected from the showers of water and the claw foot bathtub is still visible as well. When we are done showering, the curtain tucks away easily around the L shaped curtain rods and basically seems to disappear. The entire system works very well in the area.

Buying L shaped shower curtain rods is an inexpensive alternative to installing a shower stall. The latter option, of course, costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars more than the L shaped curtain rods and accessories. In addition, we simply did not have enough room in the bathroom to put another unit into the space.

It is amazing how simple products like L shaped shower curtain rods can solve a bathroom dilemma. I have my claw foot bathtub and I still get to take my daily shower. It is the best of both worlds.