Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Knee high socks are not just for Catholic school girls anymore. Knee high socks are a more comfortable alternative to pantyhose and are generally more affordable. You will get more wear out of a pair of knee high socks than you would with pantyhose that tear easily. Knee high socks also hold up better in the washer and dryer than pantyhose. Another wonderful benefit of buying knee high socks is that you don't have to be exact with your shoe size since most knee highs are made of very flexible and stretchy material. I often wear knee high socks with long skirts and dress pants.

I have found that there are many options when it comes to knee high socks and you can usually find packages containing several pairs for what you might spend on pantyhose. Having worn knee high socks for many years, I can tell you that they are much more comfortable than pantyhose and much cooler in warm weather.
All of you women know how hot and uncomfortable wearing pantyhose can be in the summer. Since pantyhose generally come in only a handful of sizes, it can also be a chore to find hose that are a good fit.

Most pantyhose are too small and tight or too large and can feel like they are falling off of you. I have felt like a stuffed sausage many times when wearing pantyhose. Having been unable to find a pair that did not fall off my hips, I bought a pair of the smaller size and they were so tight and constricting that it felt as though my insides were being smashed. It felt like if I breathed too deeply, the pantyhose would shoot right off of me!

Pantyhose can also get you into an embarrassing moment if you are not careful. How many of you have seen some poor woman walk out of the bathroom with the back of her dress tucked into her pantyhose? I have witnessed this humorous but unfortunate event more than once.

An elementary school teacher of mine once came back from lunch with her skirt tucked into the back of her pantyhose and walked past all of the students on her way to the blackboard giving us all a great view of this embarrassing event. The chuckles grew louder and louder and someone finally told her what had us all laughing. She quickly turned bright red in the face and ran out off the classroom. Having witnessed this as a young girl long before I ever wore pantyhose, I have made sure to never meet such a fate.