Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

I have been selling king size quilts for a long time, and let me tell you, it seems like the larger the bedding, the more strange and unreasonable demands that people have. Originally, we had almost no king sized quilts at all. We usually sold queen and lower bedding, because there was very little demand for anything bigger. Oh, we would keep a king size quilt or two in stock, but usually people who were looking for bedding in this size would go somewhere else.

Since we have begun stocking king size quilts, however, doing business and dealing with people has really become a good bit harder. Of course, you make a lot more money selling a king size quilt than selling anything smaller, but sometimes I start to wonder if it is worth it. We put all of our stock on display, and yet people always persist in asking the most obvious and unnecessary questions. They will ask if we have anything that is the same size but in a higher thread count, for example. I am an expert on quilts, and I have never even heard of them being discussed in terms of thread count. Other times, we will sell hand-made king size quilts, and they will actually try to request specific color combinations. Keep in mind that these hand made quilts are woven from many different colors of yarn in elaborate patterns – it is not like we could just crank them out at the store. If we could, they would not be hand made, would they. But you try telling that to one of our customers who knows just what he or she wants and is accustomed to getting it. I swear, some of these people are bad, and others are absolutely impossible.

And that does not even begin to cover the amount of questions people ask about duvet covers. Along with the king size quilts, we have several duvets that people can get to lay over their beds, but we do not stock duvet covers. We even have a sign that says that we do not stock duvet covers. We simply did not clear enough of them when we used to keep them in stock, and did not really have enough room for them on the shelves anyway. But people who want king size quilts seem to think that they can get something just by wishing it. I swear, king size quilts are the bane of my existence!