Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

When my son turned two, I quickly realized that he was going to need his own “big boy” room upon the upcoming arrival of our second child. It was the perfect opportunity for us to transition him from his baby nursery room into more of a little boy bedroom. I began searching for as many kids room ideas that I could find, scouring magazines and catalogs for that perfect theme that could grow with him without looking like it was a teenager’s room.

I will admit that I am not big on the kids room ideas that center on cartoon characters or child centered items, like specific Disney characters, Toy Story movie themes, Barney, or more cartoon-y versions of kids room ideas like tractors, trucks and boats. For instance, for girls I have seen many people that have done a Disney princess theme in their childs room. The basic idea is fine, and could even be really cute, but I personally would center more on a princess theme rather than centering on Disney characters. This way, if the child outgrows liking a particular movie or television show, the room will still be viable and not outdated.

Many of my kids room ideas came from the Pottery Barn catalog and others like it. These focus on more clean lines and items that will easily grow with children. Many of their rooms are themes like dogs, airplanes, dinosaurs and even frogs. The bedding consists mostly of quilts, which I personally like the look of more than comforters. Some of them have characters or pictures embroidered on them, but many are simple designs. There is simply a classic feel about these rooms, and they do not scream that a little kid lives there and the rooms still fit in with the rest of your home. Also, the children really do enjoy the themes and child touches.

We ended up doing a transportation theme in my son’s room. We purchased vintage wooden and metal cars, trains and motorcycle replicas to decorate shelves, and even purchased a metal airplane to hang from his ceiling. In addition, we purchased vintage transportation posters for wall art. His bedding is a simple plaid quilt, and his walls are painted beige with one red wall to add some color to his room. We all love it, and it was a wonderful compromise for all of us!