Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Kids love to be cozy, and a kids quilt is about as cozy as it gets, next to a big hug! You don't have to be a professional seamstress to make a quilt they'll treasure for a lifetime.

Making a kids quilt is a good project for a beginning quilter. First, the size is usually smaller than an adult size. Second, an adult quilt is typically more complex in its design.

Kids like big designs and lots of color. Children have favorite colors and are opinionated on themes. While boys may favor action themes, girls may love ballerinas. Both boys and girls are drawn to vivid primary colors.

A kids quilt should be sturdy, as you may find they'll like to carry their special “blankie” everywhere they go! Larger quilt pieces form a simpler design, are easier and faster to make, and make a big splash with kids.

Fabric stores cater to children's tastes and carry huge selections of fabrics with Disney movie, Barbie and action figure motifs. You'll also find many cute bear, bird, tiger, butterfly and flower patterns suitable for a kids quilt. Brightly colored satins can be quilted together in squares, diamonds or free form shapes for a soft, warm and cuddly quilt.

If you give a little thought and observation of the child's passions, you'll be able to put together a design in colors for a spectacular and well-received kids quilt. Some children are born nature lovers. They spot every new leaf and ladybug, mesmerized by butterflies, lizards, flowers and rainbows. Others are fascinated by snowflakes or the sun, moon and stars. Whatever their likes, you can accommodate them with a fantasy collage of fabric made into a kids quilt.

When planning your kids quilt, use quad paper and a pencil to sketch your design to scale. Use some colored markers to fill in color areas. With your rough sketch complete, think about trims, ribbon, lace or tassels that might work well with your design. Again, think about the practicality of your creation. Your kids quilt may cover a lot of miles with your child! Durability counts, but that doesn't mean your kids quilt must be plain and boring. Pink and gold rick-rack trim can bring a ballerina theme to life. A sturdy and magical composition rolled into one thrilling kids quilt.

Purchased star, moon and sun appliqués can be centered on alternate quilt squares of varying night-sky colors for a comforting montage a child will love to cozy up under at bedtime.

Kids quilts are among the most creative gifts you can make. Think like a kid and your kids quilt will be a big hit!