Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

A few years ago, I wanted a new purse. Several people directed me to Kate Spade handbags, claiming that they were indeed the best thing since sliced bread. “Oh, you’ll just love Kate Spade handbags!” they told me. Being a skeptic, I started to educate myself on these bags before I decided to make a purchase.

First off, these Kate Spade handbags are incredibly expensive. I had never spent more than about seventy-five dollars on a purse before, and it was real leather! Kate Spade handbags are mostly made of cloth and canvas, their signature being that they are made of very different prints. Starting price in department stores is somewhere around one hundred dollars. They differentiate themselves from other styles of handbags because they are more refreshing, young and fun than those that are simply a black leather bag. For instance, when I began looking for my purse, my co-worker had just purchased two Kate Spade handbags, one of which was a black background with a cherry print. See, the thing with these handbags is that you most likely will need one for each season because the prints do not transfer well from summer to winter. Would you really want to carry around a purse that has a cherry print on it in the middle of winter? Smart lady that Kate Spade. She certainly figured out how to make the most money in the market.

So, I kept looking. Since the department store pricing was a little too much for my taste I decided to try out Ebay. I did a search and found thousands of bags for sale, from brand new with tags to designer knockoffs. Searching through, I found several Kate Spade handbags that were going for at least fifty dollars less than buying through a department store. I kept my eye on them and couldn’t bring myself to actually bid on one. My co-worker’s bags were cute, but I did not really convince myself that they were worth that amount of money.

I ended up getting one of the Kate Spade handbags as a gift for my birthday. While I really appreciated it since I was considering one and wouldn’t purchase one for myself, I am still not sure I think they are worth the money. Sure, they are cute, but they seem to be very overpriced for what they are, and they don’t seem nearly as popular now as they were three years ago.