Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

When it comes to outstanding quality, nothing beats Jeeps and this includes baby Jeep jogging strollers as well. My husband and I tried a few different brands for our daughter and we were very unsatisfied with the typical jogging strollers that we purchased. We did not like how they bounced stiffly when we took our daughter on gravel or on a trail of any kind.

Since my husband and I are avid hikers we really needed a good quality stroller. None were up to the challenge of our weekend hikes so we began carrying our daughter in a baby backpack as I call them. This became very tiresome and more than a little uncomfortable after awhile of hiking.

My husband and I decided it was time to invest in a Jeep jogging stroller for our little one. In no time at all we found that several stores carry Jeep jogging strollers. We went to the store that advertised the best price and checked out the item. In no time at all we had a brand new quality baby stroller for our child that would withstand our weekend hikes.

We brought the Jeep stroller home and found that there was barely any assembly required. The Jeep jogging strollers all come with a tiny steering wheel that is removable. It makes several sounds and has a detachable side mirror. If you have ever been off road driving then you know how important it is to have removable side mirrors.

Jeep jogging strollers also have several pockets on the side that close with Velcro. There is a substantial amount of space under the carriage. My personal favorite feature is a set of speakers on the top handle and a place to put your portable CD player. There is even a lid to cover your CD player to protect it. Jeep jogging strollers also have several cup holders built in that are actually easy to reach.

The carriage area for the baby is very roomy and boasts a five point harness. The carriage has a reclining back if the baby decides to nap during you walk. One of the most interesting features of Jeep jogging strollers is that they come with a small tire pump that attaches to the lower side of the stroller.

The tires on the product require refilling from time to time. The stroller has tiny tires on it. Finally, the Jeep jogging strollers fold up very easily and they also unfold easily. You can fold or unfold with one hand. The locking system is clearly marked as well. I would highly recommend Jeep jogging strollers even if you do not hike.