Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Have you ever searched for something that you loved from your childhood? Have you ever tried to replace an object that represents a special moment in time? These items are of great value. They may not be the most expensive items on the market but everyone has a particular favorite. My favorite is a Japanese teapot.

The one that I owned was grey with cherry blossoms on the front. The Japanese teapot had wicker wrapped around the top of the handle. The Oriental serving pot came with four tiny cups that had the same design on them as the tea pot. Everything rested on a serving tray.

When I was a child, my brother, sister and I had a Saturday morning ritual. Every Saturday morning we would get up early and make toast. My favorite part however was making either tea or hot chocolate and pouring it into our Japanese teapot. I loved pouring it into the tiny cups and sipping it while I ate my cinnamon toast.

Of course we were oblivious to the art of serving and drinking tea. The Geisha woman of Japan actually study for years on the proper serving ritual. Every movement has a symbolic meaning. The movement of the arms and shoulders as the tea is poured. For me, the art of drinking tea basically involves me pouring it in hopes that I just do not spill it.

I watched a how that had a Geisha showing the proper way to serve tea. She looked as if she were gliding, almost dancing. It was beautiful. My understanding is that a fiancé is to serve her proposed in-laws tea in the symbolic style. These traditions have seemed to fade away.

The Geisha continue the practice and carry on age old traditions such as the art of serving and drinking tea. It reminded me of the Japanese teapot that my siblings and I shared. It reminded me of the carefree feeling of those Saturday mornings watching cartoons and having our tea and toast.

I have searched on and off for around 12 years. I have found some Japanese teapots, but they were not like the one from my youth. They were pretty and had all of the extras that the original one did. They just were not bringing back that nostalgia of the original Japanese teapot.

I have not searched online for the teapot as of yet. I have spent more of my time wandering through thrift shops and stores such as Pier One Imports. I still have not found the item. I do not think I am supposed to.

I think finding a Japanese tea pot that I like now should be enough. I can replace the teapot, but not the past. I think I will buy a completely new Japanese teapot and have my brother and sister over for tea. We can make new memories.