Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

One of the newest home business opportunities that is being promoted is making gift baskets. There are many people that are doing this as a business and making extra money. This is quite amazing to me because learning how to make gift baskets is so easy and the best part of giving them as gifts is that you have personally made them up. One of my co-workers brought in the gift basket that she had ordered from a local home business owner. She had ordered the basket for her sister. The owner of the business had her fill out a check list of things that she wanted. The basket was quite expensive and my co-worker was not happy with the quality of the things that were in it. She said that if she knew how to make gift baskets she would go into her own business and make higher quality ones than the one she bought. I told her that it is not hard to learn how to make gift baskets. You simply find a container or basket that you think the person you are giving it to will like and then you put their favorite items in the container. When you do this yourself you control the price as well as the quality of the merchandize that you include in the basket. The basket that she had ordered had cheap lotions and bubble bath in it and lower quality candies. The basket was beautifully wrapped and had glittery filler papers, but this is thrown away by the recipient any way. My co-worker said that she did not feel that she had the time to learn how to make gift baskets. I asked her how many trips she made to the basket maker. She said two, once to pick out what she wanted in the basket and once to pick it up and pay for it. I told her that she could learn how to make a gift basket in that same amount of time and have higher quality gifts. A few weeks later I was going to put together a basket for my sister. She was scheduled for surgery and I wanted to take the gift up to the hospital. I told me co-worker that I was going to do this over lunch and if she wanted to learn how to make gift baskets she was welcomed to come along. We went to a major discount store. I picked out a gift basket on clearance. I told my co-worker that I wanted to spend around twenty dollars on the contents. I bought some note cards, some of my sister’s favorite candy, shower gel and lotion as well as the newest best seller and a puzzle book. I bought a roll of cello wrap and tissue to fill the bottom. My total came to twenty one dollars and I had everything that I knew my sister would like. My co-worker said that a similar basket from the business owner would have cost three times that amount.