Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Are you one of those video game nuts? You know those guys, right? And I did specify guys on purpose, because girls who enjoy video games are few and far between. At least adult ones anyway. If you are a video game aficionado, then maybe you're all into the harry potter video games. This goes double for all the young kids out there. I assume that harry potter video games appeal directly to your age group, as do the books and films. What is it with this concept of wizards and demons? One would think folks have never seen it all before.

Do you allow your child to play harry potter video games or view the Harry Potter films? Hey, I'm totally serious when I pose this question. Whether you knew it or not, there are numerous individuals who oppose harry potter video games and movies. Of course it's debatable whether or not they're sane. But really, some people simply do not condone these sorts of entertainment due to what they present to the public mind. They in no way want their children exposed to wizardry, witchcraft and demons. This reminds me of the film "Waterboy." Remember how his mother repeatedly claimed that girls are the Devil? That was priceless. Here we have a similar dispute. You have certain religious, Middle Americans that feel the books, films and harry potter video games influence poorly. In no time at all their children will be soaring through the sky on broomsticks and eating magical chocolate frogs. Because we all know that all of those other children's shows and films never contained such elements. Ha, that's the best joke I've heard all year. These bible thumpers need to take a second look at the entertainment industry. The things they despise are virtually everywhere.

So, if you are a Harry Potter fan, feel free to get online and check out all the newest harry potter video games, books, trinkets, toys and propaganda. The stuff is everywhere you turn. Indulge in the fantasy of harry potter video games and wizardry. Just be careful that you don't surrender to the dark side. This could end poorly for us all. Before you know it, you'll be conjuring demons and conversing with Satan himself. Or, maybe not!