Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Wow, I tell you; the Harry Potter craze has taken off on a ridiculous level. This is like "Star Wars" madness for a whole new generation. I will be the first to admit that I never thought a children's book about wizards would be such a hit. Is it a cool concept? Well sure! However, it's not like there's much new in it. We've all seen the wizard and sorcery thing done over and over in the past. I guess it must be those loveable characters that "Harry Potter" has to offer. And then there is the plethora of harry potter merchandise. I don't care where you're shopping, stop and take a good look around. You will probably spot some harry potter merchandise of some sort. I was just examining the chocolate frog in Barnes and Noble. Is there any end to this cinematic phenomenon?

What harry potter merchandise is on your to-buy list? Even if you're fully grown and don't care much for the harry potter merchandise, chances are you have a little one who does. My seven year old daughter goes gaga over all the fun and exciting harry potter merchandise. Of course her favorite character is Herminie. It has to be the girl, right! As we strolled through Toys R Us last weekend, she pointed out several things she wanted from the countless harry potter merchandise. Of course those disgusting jelly beans had to be one of them. Have you seen these repulsive things? I mean come on; kids can't want to consume such foulness. The flavors are vomit, earwax, slugs, and all sorts of other stomach-turning flavors. Who in the world comes up with this stuff? It's utterly amazing what will make a buck now days.

So, are you one of the many die-hard "Harry Potter" fans? Well, you'd better jump on that harry potter merchandise while it's still around. Who knows if it will be in about five years. The thing to do is to keep it in the original packaging. Hey, you never know; this could be worth some bucks down the road a ways. Just check out all that G.I. Joe stuff that was big in the 80s. Some of it sells for a pretty penny on EBay now. Find all the harry potter merchandise your little heart desires on the Internet now. You never know; you may actually stumble across something truly magical.