Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Nothing is more fun that choosing items in a store with handheld barcode scanners. Just when you thought that creating a bridal shower or baby shower gift registry was tedious and time consuming out comes these innovations of technology that turn the process on its ear. Now creating a registry with handheld barcodes is one of the most enjoyable activities you can dream of.

My husband and I first got to use handheld barcode scanners when we started a bridal registry at Target department store. We had a virtual field day running around the store choosing item after item. The time flew by and we could have stayed all night long with the wish list.

The whole experience was so fun that we started to get a little goofy in the store. Maybe we were tired or just excited but my husband started to imitate the doctor on Star Trek and I took on the role of Captain Kirk. The handheld barcode scanners were like toys. Finally, my husband stated that he was giving it all he’s got but he can’t scan another item in the voice of Scotty.

I guess that we had enough fun with the handheld barcode scanner. It seems as if we had more fun than two mature adults should with anything. The day that we created our wedding gift registry is a fond memory for both of us. This day is only overshadowed by another as far as memorable moments with handheld barcode scanners are concerned.

Of course, we had to go back to Target to start the baby shower gift registry. The store has tons of baby items and it has great handheld barcode scanners, too. We were a little more serious when creating this registry because there was a lot more to consider and also because I was too pregnant to play games.

We just found that the whole process of using handheld barcode scanners to create registries was far easier and less time consuming than the traditional methods. We were happy to discover that Target wasn’t the only store to offer this service.

Babies-R-Us is another store that uses these scanners for baby shower gift registries. There were so many items and the staff was so helpful that we got the job done in record time. We didn’t play any games this time around but we still had a great time using the handheld barcode scanners.