Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Gift Hampers

Although I live in the United States, I have friends all over the world. This is mostly thanks to the Internet, and I have found many friends that I cannot live without, even if we have yet to meet face to face. I once thought this type of relationship was not possible when you have never met, but I have learned that I was wrong about that. The written word is very powerful, and you can find great friends, and even a great love, by networking and meeting people online. This comes with a problem, however, and the problem is not just about distance. Even if you both speak English, you may not be saying the same things.

I find this to be a problem with my friends from Australia. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a problem. It’s more like a fodder for laughter. There are so many differences that it is easy to get confused, even if we speak the same language. This became very apparent recently when we decided we wanted to get a get-well gift basket for a mutual friend who is ailing. The problem was that she kept saying we should get him a hamper. I had no idea what gift hampers were, and you can imagine what I thought. I couldn’t understand why we were getting him something to put his dirty clothes in. What a weird gift idea for a sick friend right? I wondered if this was some strange Australian custom of which I was not aware.

As it turns out, gift hampers are the same thing as gift baskets in the US. They just call them gift hampers, even though they are not hampers in the sense that you may first think. The gift hampers you get in Australia are exactly like the baskets you can get here; they are just referred to as something slightly different. Add the Vegemite and the Musk Sticks and you’ve got something completely perplexing, don’t you agree?

Once we finally got the gift hampers vs. gift baskets conversation over with, we could then proceed. You will find a lot of gift hampers online if you know to use the word hamper when searching for a place in Australia that sells them. They may come up under a search if you use the word basket, but you will get better and more numerous results if you use the term gift hampers when looking.