Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Most people on any given day have questions about their lives. All of us are unsure at one time or another about the direction our lives are taking or which decision is the right one to make. Most people reach out to family, friends or loved ones when faced with such a period of uncertainty. Others seek the wisdom and guidance of mental health professionals. These are all good options and can be very worthwhile. When it comes to finding life advice, the last person anyone should be listening to is a fortune teller.

When I hear the term “fortune teller,” I can’t help but think of carnival side shows and boardwalk slot machines like the one seen in the movie Big. I cannot bring myself to think seriously about the term fortune teller. I know that there is big money in these types of rackets but they are rackets plain and simple. If you have ever paid money to a fortune teller do not feel that I am attacking your intelligence at all because I know many people who have fallen victim to these scams.

The people that are the most susceptible to the fraud of a fortune teller are those that are in personal turmoil and in need of assurance or guidance. When a person is faced with a spiritual dilemma, it seems appropriate to seek the advice of a fortune teller because of the air of mystery that surrounds them. Some think that a fortune teller may be connected to some side of existence that average people are not. I cannot say for sure that this is not true. I will, however, assert my opinion that if a fortune teller can really communicate with a greater force, it certainly should not be something that has to be paid for.

If there are people out there who have a better understanding of or connection with the other side of human and spiritual existence, their knowledge and advice should not be for sale. If it is possible that fortune tellers can illuminate us with their special gifts, I think that the spiritual side of the world would be pretty ticked off that they are manipulating people in exchange for money. Money is, after all, a purely physical desire and not a spiritual one and I have a difficult time believing that anyone with a higher spiritual existence would sell that magic to the lonely or lost.