Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Floor Lamp

I was surprised when I opened the gifts that were given to me at my wedding. Though getting one floor lamp might be normal, I was shocked to see that four different relatives decided this would be the perfect gift for my new husband and me. At the time I thought it was quite hysterical, but I have learned that perhaps these were some of my favorite gifts. I have two of them in my home, and I have two of them put away for when we buy a larger house and have more room to use them. A floor lamp might not be high on your wedding gift wish list, but if you get them, you will end up grateful that someone decided to get you one.

There is something soothing about the light that comes from a floor lamp. The overhead lights in your rooms may work well, and can be turned on with the flick of a switch, but the light they give is either inadequate, or extremely harsh. If you use a floor lamp, you get a softer and smoother lighting scheme, and you may find it lights your room in a whole new way. The light from a floor lamp is just different, and perhaps that is because it is not glaring down on your from the ceiling.

There are many different types of floor lamp. There are simple lamps that sit in the corner. There are also lamps that have arms that stretch out. These can be places behind a couch for a very cool look. They come in all price ranges, and you may find that some are the perfect addition to your interior design décor. They come in all price ranges, and are made in all sorts of different colors and designs. You can find some that have just one bulb, or you can find others that have more than one bulb, and these bulbs can be pointed in any direction, much like track lighting.

You can find a floor lamp almost anywhere. You can find them in your local department or discount store, or you can go to home interior or even home improvement stores. You may get one for as little as ten dollars, or you may pay up to a hundred or more for a pricier model. You will find that the cheaper floor lamps won’t work as well, or last very long, and they may also not be quite as safe as the more expensive ones.