Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Fishing trips

Some of my best childhood memories were of family fishing trips. My father would pack my mother and two brothers and I for a weekend getaway to the Chesapeake Bay. He'd rent a boat for the fishing trips and we'd sail off into the morning sunrise ready for any adventure that came our way. My father always seemed to find some sort of adventure for us on our fishing trips. If the fish weren't biting, he would find other ways to entertain us. He'd pull out card games or board games and let us make up our own rules. If the fish were biting, he'd make it into a competition. Being a squeamish girl, I loved having my father put the bait on my line and if I managed to catch anything, he had to be the one to take the fish off of the hook. I loved seeing the proud look in his eyes when any of us caught something. His eyes just lit up. On some fishing trips, he spent more time making sure that we were happy and catching fish than he did with his own fishing line in the water.

At night, when the boat was moving only because of the rocking waves, he'd tell us stories until we fell asleep. The sleeping quarters weren't always the most comfortable, but none of us cared. We just loved the family time we were spending together. No matter what the family issues were before leaving for the fishing trips, somehow, they always got resolved. Perhaps the fishing trips themselves were therapeutic, or perhaps it was the ocean. Whatever the case, every family should be able to take fishing trips and spend some bonding time together. Of course, not everyone is interested in fishing, but there are so many other ways to bond.

Almost any body of water is an invitation for a fishing trip. It doesn't have to be the huge ocean, it can be a small lake. Your fishing trips can be just about spending time alone or about bonding with others. Heck, it could just be about catching fish to survive. Boats aren't always cheap to rent so having your own is always a huge bonus. Of course, owning your own boat means making payments and taking care of the boat. My family was never interested in that, we preferred to spend the money to rent for a weekend and not have to do anything more after turning it back in. I've continued the tradition of fishing trips with my family now that I'm grown up. Of course, the family has added some members as some of us have married and had children. Our fishing trips are still always an adventure. I wouldn't give any of them up for the world.