Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Times are definitely a changing! One cannot argue this for nothing. Just take a look at our youth. Sure, you can rant on all day about how everything is the same as it was back in the 50s, but no one is going to take you seriously. Well, except maybe other folks from that era. In reality things have changed. Were crack dealers pushing their dope outside of your school back in the 50s? I seriously doubt it. Did you know any unfortunate students afflicted with the AIDS virus back then? Don't think so. Like I said, times are different now. I can tell this clear as day when I spot some of the current entertainment for children. Do you have any idea what your children are getting into?

There is good entertainment for children and of course there is bad entertainment for children. This is no big surprise. With all of the film, television, and video games out there now days, there's bound to be some of everything. In my house we take full advantage of the good stuff. My seven year old daughter loves to watch cartoons and Goosebumps. This is totally fine with me. I prefer it over some of the foul media concocted these days. Then there is reading of course. This is always a great entertainment for children if you can get them into it. The trick is finding books they like to read. Let them pick them out by themselves. As long as they're geared toward their age group, it shouldn't be a problem. Again, my daughter loves Goosebumps and other fun stuff like Juniby Jones. I am thankful that she enjoys such simple entertainment for children. There is no real violence or profanity involved.

The poor aspect of entertainment for children is video games. I have to say this hands-down. Now, I do realize that there are some children's video games, and I think these are fine. However, there are also far too many of the "adult video games," and kids everywhere are getting their hands on them. Some of these video games are ridiculously foul with horrific violence, strong language, and abuse. Did you know that some literally have prostitutes and you can beat them? That is unreal and absurd. This is not the right entertainment for children and it never will be. Do you want your second grader playing these?