Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Electric Blanket

I guess I was never as fearless as most of the children around me when I was young. Most of my friends suffered at least one broken bone in their life, but I never did. They were often more reckless than me in almost everything we did, and if someone got hurt, I was always the one that ran for help. I had my share of bruises and spills, but I was always on the cautious side. Perhaps that is why I never truly warmed up to the idea of using an electric blanket, even when it was extremely cold in my house, and I was shivering. I always thought that an electric blanket was a very bad idea, though I don’t know where I got this idea.

I don’t know about the electric blanket of today, but the one my mom had always got her bed toasty warm. I had no problem crawling in her bed to get warmed up by her electric blanket, but I always refused to have one of my own in my room. I guess I thought since she was an adult, she knew how to use one properly. I knew there were wires running through the blanket, and I was sure that as soon as I fell asleep I was going to roll over and crease one of the wires, and thus would set the house on fire.

Looking back, I guess the electric blanket is safer than it was once, even though I think I was totally paranoid when I was young. Back then, homes were not heated as well as they are today, and many people purposely kept the bedrooms of their houses cool to save on their heating bill. To them, paying the price for running an electric blanket all night was far cheaper than heating an entire floor. I suppose if I had a large house today, and the heating bills were killing my budget, I might employ the same strategy.

If you are looking for an electric blanket, you don’t have to be as paranoid as I was, but do make sure you aren’t buying the cheapest one you can find. Check for reviews online, and check for recalled electric blankets that may have caused injury or a fire. They are relatively safe, but when you are running electric through bedding, there are bound to be some problems somewhere along the line. Don’t use an electric blanket that has been sitting in the closet for years either, throw it out and spend the money to buy a new one.