Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Did you ever have one of those special foods when you were growing up? That one particular snack food that was good pretty much any old time? Now come on; I'm certain you had at least one that tickled your fancy and kept you coming back for more. That specials treat for me was and still is deer jerky. Yeah, that's right; I didn't stutter, nor did I mention beef. Venison is where it's at. I can eat jerky pretty much all year round and never tire of it. For all of your doubters out there, I truly suggest that you give venison a shot. You may be pleasantly surprised. Oh, and did I mention that it's much healthier than pork or beef?

Ah, there's nothing quite as tasty as a good local beer and some freshly smoked deer jerky. This is one combo that all bars and pubs should really consider. After all, those peanuts and snack mixes are kind of getting old. It's time for a man's meat. And I mean a real man. One thing I've noticed is that many individuals in the urban areas have yet to try deer jerky. They have never been hunting, nor have they ever tasted venison. This is a tragedy, folks. You're missing out. It's as simple as that. Back when I was in middle school I knew tons of hunters. They were a dime a dozen where I was. In rural Iowa you could find loads of them swarming the woods every deer season. I guess folks just wanted that tasty deer jerky. Not that other forms of venison are not good as well, because they are. I just love the way deer jerky can be hauled around everywhere. Heck, you can shove some of this stuff in your jeans pocket and eat it later. How cool is that!

Now, you don't have to be an avid hunter to acquire venison. Of course it doesn't hurt if you hit one with your car on deserted road. Typically you get to keep it if this occurs. However, I highly recommend you avoid all sprinting deer if you plan to keep your ride in good shape. A large deer can really trash a vehicle quick. Anyway, get online if you're looking for some tasty deer jerky. Pretty much anything it attainable in cyberspace. Hop on your PC and see what I mean. Get the low-down on jerky prices now.