Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

We belong to a church community that is having a difficult time raising the money needed to pay for the parish center that had been built several years ago. Parishioners had made pledges on the amount of money that they were willing to donate for the project. The project cost more than projected and some of the parishioners became frustrated with the project and have withdrawn their pledges. This means that a number of different fund raising projects are being organized to help pay for the project. The current project is an adult formal dance.

I was not in favor of this fund raiser due to the expenses that come with putting on the function. My husband feels that we need to support the project so he bought tickets for the dance. I have a dress from a wedding that we went to that I can wear but I decided that I wanted new jewelry to go with it. I went shopping for crystal earrings and necklace. I thought that they would compliment my outfit and also be reasonably priced.

I found that there are many crystal earrings on the market. They range in price from a few dollars to over a hundred dollars. There are many styles to choose from. I thought that the crystal earrings would also be something that I could wear over the holidays. My dress is very plain. When I went to the wedding I had borrowed jewelry from my sister. She had long dangling crystal earrings and a dropped pendant necklace. The jewelry had greatly added to the look of my outfit; however I did not want to borrow the jewelry a second time. She had received the crystal earrings as a gift and had found the necklace at a popular department store. When I went to this department store they were advertising a sale on their jewelry. They had a pair of crystal earrings that I fell in love with as soon as I saw them. They had a circular crystal that had a short chain attached that held two additional crystals suspended from it. The chain was a black metal. There was also a matching necklace as well as bracelet. I was lucky because this set was included in the sale. I received twenty percent off of the crystal earrings, necklace and the bracelet. I also picked out another pair of earrings for free because part of the sale was if you bought three pieces you received a fourth piece free.

The new jewelry looked great with my dress. I hope that the formal dance will generate the revenue needed to pay off the loans. The expenses have bee very high so the organizers are hoping to at least break even.