Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Some gifts are not immediately appreciated for their great worth. I was recently presented with a crème brulee torch for my birthday and I accepted the token with a smile but underneath I was thinking that this present is completely inappropriate for someone who has just quit smoking cigarettes. I had no idea how much I would grow to love my crème brulee torch.

The item is definitely commercial quality and the design is sleek and sophisticated. I just immediately associate anything that has flames with smoking. However, after using the crème brulee torch, I quickly understood that there is more to life than cigarettes. The simple act of creating a fine desert is a rush in itself.

Now I am addicted to making fine desserts, crème brulee is my first choice but I have also delved deeply into pulled sugar projects that are really amazing. The crème brulee torch allows me to be really creative in my sweet tooth designs. I am a regular sculptor in the kitchen.

Ironically, I was never much of a cook and the very idea of making desserts like these was unthinkable. The crème brulee torch opened a new culinary door for me. This door leads to artistic qualities in foods. I have learned how to create a number of striking designs out of sugar recipes.

In fact, I’m thinking about opening a small business for friends and relatives who want special designs for parties and birthdays. Children love the pulled sugar designs that range from abstract art to little animals. I love seeing their reactions to the treats I create with the crème brulee torch.

Oh yes. I also make crème brulee with the torch. I was a little apprehensive about taking on such a lofty task but after so many hours of working with pulled sugar treats, I thought that I could handle it. I was amazed by how simple the recipe really was. It is now a regular treat for my family.

Before getting the odd gift, I approached cooking as a chore. After working with the crème brulee torch I have come to understand that cooking is an art. This new outlook on my kitchen experiences has expanded into other areas of my culinary life.

I went from being a microwave maven to a gourmet cook in relatively little time. It is amazing how an under-appreciated gift like a crème brulee torch can change someone’s outlook so drastically.