Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

There are several occasions that are appropriate for creative Irish gifts. You may know someone who is of Irish descent and you may want to give something extra special for his or her birthday. There are many trite and downright distasteful presents but you can still find great creative Irish gifts for that special person.

Using creativity is a wonderful way to show how much you care. Giving a present that requires a lot of thought and effort says a lot about your feelings and relationship to that other person. Many people of Irish descent are very proud of their heritage so why not choose creative Irish gifts for them?

Some presents may not be so well received. Avoid creative Irish gifts that are distasteful and insulting. I know plenty of people who immediately think of leprechauns, potatoes and alcohol. Items like obnoxious large mugs and ignorant t-shirts are not going to impress.

In order to truly touch the heart you most likely should do some research. I found out a lot about Ireland and traditions when I was asked to be maid of honor in a wedding. The husband was from Belfast and the bride is a friend of mine from college. The pair wanted to have a lot of the traditions of Ireland in their ceremony so I started to do my homework.

While I didn’t come up with great creative Irish gifts I did find a lot of interesting traditions from Ireland especially when it comes to weddings. I found out that a groom visits the bride’s family on the day before the wedding. They prepare the traditional goose dinner for him. This may be where the saying, “Your goose is cooked” comes from.

Other interesting tidbits included not letting the bride’s feet lift off of the ground. She should have at least one foot on the ground at all times. It was believed that fairies would steal her away. I was impressed with the many traditions but I was really looking for creative Irish gifts for the bride and groom.

I finally found a great item that will start a whole new tradition in the bride’s family. The magic handkerchief is carried by the bride on the day of the ceremony. It is later used as a bonnet for their first born child. The handkerchief is handed down to the first born daughter for her wedding and the cycle continues.

This is just one of the many creative Irish gifts that you can find if you look into it. I also made a collection of the wedding traditions from Ireland and framed it for the couple. I had to put all of that research to good use.