Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

We live in a lake home so we have a great deal of visitors. We love to entertain so this is not a problem for us; however the guest rooms and guest bathroom in our home are quite small so we have discussed ways of remodeling that will give our guests more space. We decided that we would take out the wall between the two small bedrooms to create one larger one. This will allow us to put in a king size bed that has a double bunk over the top of it. Usually when we use two rooms it is one of our relatives that have children along. The children and parents can stay in one room.

The bathroom is presenting a greater challenge. We had a contractor come over to give us some ideas. One of the things he suggested is to put in a corner shower. This way we would take out the bathtub. The corner shower will take up much less room so we can take out the vanity and replace it with a pedestal sink. In the space where the present vanity is we can put in a raised linen closet and a counter top for guests to set their toiletries on. My husband does not feel that this will work. The contractor promised to draw this out and bring back the floor plan so my husband has a visual of the area.

In the mean time I went to a local home improvement store to see what corner showers look like. I did not want my guests to feel confined. I was pleasantly surprised how attractive and roomy a corner shower is. There are a few to choose from. The corner shower units are a surround unit so we will not have to worry about putting in expensive tiles. The one that I thought was really nice featured an overhead shower head that sprays down on you. The clerk said that it gives the feeling of bathing in the rain. The surround are available in several colors. I thought that the off white would help the room look larger.

I came home and told my husband about the overhead shower head in the roomy corner shower. He mentioned that this might be a problem for someone that wanted to take a quick shower without getting their hair wet. I thought it was interesting that he would think of this since he is bald, but it was a valid point.

The contractor returned with his drawings and my husband was convinced that this would be the best route to go. We do have a tub shower combination in the master bathroom so we will still have a bathtub in the house.