Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Christmas decorating ideas

My favorite time of the year is Christmas. I love decorating and hearing the carols on the radio. I love baking cookies and watching my kids' faces light up whenever a Christmas commercial comes on the television. I love buying and wrapping presents. One area in which I am always changing and being creative is in decorating. I used to do the same thing every single year until I finally got tired of looking at the same décor. I needed a change. Our house needed a Christmas makeover.

So, I began looking for some Christmas decorating ideas. I found Christmas decorating ideas in craft stores, regular stores and in magazines. I was amazed at how many new and creative ideas actually existed. I went to a local discount store and stocked up on garland and silk poinsettias. I also bought boxes and boxes of white lights to use as well. No matter what Christmas decorating ideas I came across, I could not let go of my passion for white lights.

I put all of the lighted candles in the bedroom windows with garland wrapped around the bases. I knew that it couldn't be seen from outside, but from inside it looked festive. In the Christmas decorating ideas that I had found, it had been suggested that ornaments be used for hanging in windows or scattered around the house. I hung some our traditional glittery ornaments from various places in the house, and bought new ornaments for the tree. Some other Christmas decorating ideas involved silk flowers and beads. I strung red beads around the white strings of lights that were places on the tree. The lights reflected in the tiny beads and made our otherwise boring tree look radiant. That was my favorite of all of the Christmas decorating ideas that I'd found. I wrapped some silk poinsettias around the garland in our foyer and hung some beads around the tall chandelier hanging in the foyer.

Some of the Christmas decorating ideas that I had come across suggested using a child's creativity to shine through. I handed my 7 year old a pair of scissors and some white tissue paper and told her to make me some snowflakes. She did, and glued glitter on them as well. When they were dry, she hung them on the windows and doors throughout our house. By this time, my Christmas decorating ideas were just flowing. I bought battery operated candles and set them on the bathroom shelves and scattered throughout the rest of my house.

Let your creative side come alive this holiday season and come up with some of your own Christmas decorating ideas. Get your family involved. Use some ideas from magazines or articles and find cheaper ways to decorate if you need to. No matter what your budget is, you can find and create some wonderful Christmas decorating ideas.