Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

If there are two things that I love, it is chocolate and Labradors. It only made sense that I would adopt a pair of chocolate Lab puppies. I adopted them at twelve weeks old. I named the pups Coco and Mocha which was only fitting.

I adopted the chocolate Lab puppies through a friend and they did not have any papers. I was fine with that because I did not plan to breed them or anything. You should have seen the look on the vet’s face when I inquired about spading and neutering the siblings but we really wanted to make sure that the pair didn’t breed.

I took the chocolate Labradors home and set up their special area in the mudroom just off of the kitchen. I gave them both their own beds, bowls and water dishes. Everything had their names on it with a simple phrase, “I love my chocolate Lab” on them.

Coco is the female and she tends to be more delicate with her belongings. Mocha is the male and he was definitely less concerned with the consequences for destroying his stuff. I bought both of my chocolate lab pups a ton of chew toys in the hopes that they would stop chewing the steps and rug in their room.

I knew that Lab breeds tend to chew and chocolate Labs are no exception. I just didn’t realize how prolific their chewing could really be. By the time the puppies were done, the wallpaper, rug, stairs and lower shelves were mangled beyond recognition.

After the puppies were through with the mudroom, spring arrived and we were able to take them outside more often. The chewing lessened and our little chocolate Lab pups were getting very big. At one year Mocha weighed in at 63 pounds and Coco was 57 pounds.

We quickly found that the puppies were now full fledged dogs. The cost of food was growing as rapidly as they were. The vet bills were becoming more and more frequent. We were forced to decide if we were able to actually afford to keep both of our precious chocolate labs.

I was devastated by the thought of having to choose between them. The day came when I was laid off from work and money became a very important issue. We struggled with what do with our two large pup-children.

I took my chocolate Lab dogs to the park and noticed that there weren’t very many dogs in the park. I decided to start a pet sitting business. Six months later, I have a lucrative little company. I had to hire on help. Most importantly, I was able to keep my precious chocolate Lab pups, Mocha and Coco.