Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

If you have kids and if you have a yard you probably want to invest in a children’s picnic table. This item may be one of the most valuable possessions when it comes to organizing any outdoor activity that involves anyone fewer than four feet in height. Childrens picnic tables can be found in a number of different stores and even online.

The children’s picnic tables are made out of a number of different materials so you can choose a specific style that suits your home’s exterior. My husband and I chose a small childrens picnic table that is made entirely out of wood. This item is perfect for our outdoor furniture because we have a matching adult version of the pint sized table.

The kids love that they can sit comfortably on the smaller seats and they can easily reach everything that is available for their little hand on the surface of the children’s picnic tables. I like that they stay put for awhile while we eat or engage in various outdoor activities.

Many times I use the childrens picnic tables for craft projects. The wooden tables are perfect for different crafts and hobbies. I can keep an eye on the kids while they are busy creating and I don’t have to worry about anyone falling or sliding under the children’s picnic table. Their feet are firmly on the ground.

Other versions of this versatile outdoor kid’s furniture come in different materials. I was kind of torn between buying a wooden table and a plastic version. I like the colors available with the plastic counterpart and I like the idea of easy clean-up. You can also find the plastic children’s picnic tables at yard sales and consignment shops for a fraction of the new price.

There is a drawback to the plastic outdoor kid’s furniture. They tend to fade if they are exposed to direct sun. I found that most of the children’s picnic tables that I found second-hand were quite faded and unattractive. However, there is a simple solution for this.

Krylon spray paint offers special formulas that bond directly to plastic. You can get a great deal on childrens picnic tables that are faded and make them look like brand new with a little spray here and there.

For now, I am sticking to the wooden children’s picnic tables for my yard but I do have my eye on a few faded versions. There are so many things you can do with a coat of paint.