Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

It's hard not to notice the ridiculous divorce rate in our country. Americans get married on a whim and then decide what they thought it would be. Well duh! I would think most adults would have a clue by now that you should really get to know someone before tying the knot. Take me for example. I was with my wife for 6 years before we finally got married. We honestly didn't mind waiting. We had a chance to live together before signing those papers. For us it was well worth the wait. Folks need to have some common sense regarding major commitments such as this. Then there is the even more stressful side of the coin. This involves children. Now, as we all know, children and divorce do not mesh well. This is why it's prudent to find someone you wish to spend your life with before deciding to have kids with them.

Ah, the joyful topic of children and divorce. Where can one even begin? I was introduced to the notion of children and divorce back at the tender age of five. In all honesty, I couldn't even see that my parents were having troubles at that age. Then again, what five year old could? So it basically went like this; my father wasn't happy in the relationship, so he did what most men do. He looked for comfort in another woman's arms. Of course she was 11 years his junior, but aren't they all. This seems to be a pattern with human males. They always search for a younger second wife. It's actually sort of pathetic. Anyway, as the divorce process began, things certainly got hairy. Keep in mind that this was back around 1980. Therefore the mother would basically always gain custody of the children. That's just the way things worked. However, my mother literally took us and ran to a completely different state. She could have cared less what happened to our father. He was pretty much dog poop in her eyes at this point. We three children were then torn. It was time to suffer the pangs that occur when children and divorce are mixed. It's never a pretty sight.

If you are considering divorce, I'm definitely not telling you to avoid it at all costs. However, you may want to seriously ponder the issue of your children and divorce. This can and most likely will be an upsetting topic. For more information on children and divorce, just surf the web.