Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Last year I was looking through a mail order catalog that features a wide range of items. Most of the items are for gift giving or holiday decorating. The company puts out a catalog for each season of the year and includes the holidays of the season. They have a special section for pets. In this section they have pet toys, clothing and treats. In the catalog I was looking through they had a new item, a cat stroller. I immediately decided that this is what I wanted for my birthday present.

I showed the picture of the cat stroller to my husband and asked him to get it for me as my birthday present. He thought this was too strange. He said that the cats would not go in the stroller. I have two cats. They are both indoor cats, but they love to go outside. I thought this would be a fun way for them to be outside with me and still be safe. The cat stroller looks like a baby stroller except there is a zipped screen that covers the opening. You place the cat inside the stroller then zip it shut, preventing them from jumping out. The screen material allows them to look out.

My husband told me to order the cat stroller if I wanted it, but he cautioned that I should not leave the yard with it the first few times I had the cats out, in case something would go wrong and they figured out how to escape. When the cat stroller arrived I was very excited to use it. I brought the stroller in the house and put both cats in it. One of my cats is a twenty pound seal point Siamese. The other is a ten pound alley cat. It was a tight fit, but I managed to get the screen covering zipped. I then carried the stroller down the steps and rolled down the driveway. The cats were fighting and meowing the entire time. I rolled down our driveway and walked the short distance to the neighbor’s house and rolled up their driveway. They saw me coming through their windows and came out to see if I was babysitting one of our grandchildren. They could not believe that I had the two cats in the carriage. The cats were not happy and they continued to meow and fight with each other. The smaller cat has her claws and she had one caught in the screening. I managed to get the stroller home and let the cats out on the step. On the way home one of the wheels came off the front of the cat stroller. As I was taking the cats out I noticed the warning that stated that the stroller had a twenty pound capacity. I have used the stroller with one cat at a time; they do not like their walks as much as I thought they would. Most of the time the cat stroller hangs in the garage and the cats sleep in the house.