Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Sometimes all you need to keep cool and comfortable in the heat is a casement window air conditioner. This unit is convenient and there are many benefits to choosing this type of cooler over more expensive options. While many pay a lot of money for central air, you may want to look into your specific needs before investing in a large unit.

Some things that you may want to consider are the pros and cons to buy a small unit over a whole house product. There are some pros and cons when it comes to a casement window air conditioner. After considering the benefits and drawbacks you are much better able to make a sound decision.

Sound is the operative word in this case. Many casement window air conditioners are loud so you want to look into your options. The bigger the unit the louder the noise will be. My sister bought a large casement window air conditioner and it sounds like freight train running through her living room. She can barely talk on the phone when it is running.

This is a big problem when it comes to just about anything you do. I find the loud casement window air conditioner to be a complete annoyance when watching movies, talking on the telephone and listening to music. A whole house unit would run much quieter.

So why would I buy a casement window air conditioner for my home? Actually, I find the smaller units run much quieter. I also chose to use the unit in my bedroom where the sound actually helps me drift off to sleep. Since my house is surrounded by trees it stays relatively cool so the rest of the house is quite comfortable when I use fans to circulate the air.

The bedroom has to be very comfortable otherwise no one will get any sleep. The only complaint I have about the casement window air conditioner is that we have to take it out and put it back into the window every year. This is a little annoying. Also, the unit obstructs my view of the yard.

This is a small complaint compared to the sleepless nights that we would have without the casement window air conditioner. I love the product and I have plenty of other windows in the house to look out of. It beats spending a ton of money on a large central air conditioner that we will barely use.