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7 months ago

One of the most popular items found in retail stores is the candle. This object comes in many shapes and sizes and in many different scents. Candle gift baskets are also making a great impression on peoples as well. Making a candle gift basket arrangement can be very simple. Following are a few ideas to get you started.

Maybe you know a very creative person. Why not use this person’s creativity by making a present filled with candle-making supplies? You can quickly fill these candle gift baskets with useful items that are relatively inexpensive. You can choose from waxes, molds, wicks and scents for future projects.

Other candle gift baskets can be used for many occasions. You may know people who love coffee. There are plenty of coffee scented waxes as well as waxes that have great gourmet coffee scents like cappuccino. Cinnamon and crème brulee scented candles do well with these kinds of candle gift baskets.

The coffee theme is really popular and it’s versatile, too. You can add some packets of flavored gourmet coffee beans. Decorative ceramic mugs make great additions and so do some great dunking cookies or pastries. Candle gift baskets don’t have to contain candles alone.

Sweets are great themes for candle gift baskets. You can create a lot of different arrangements that include wonderful scented candles. Fill a basket with candies, cookies and scented wax selections that mimic these sweet treats.

Another wonderful idea for this kind of present is a beginner’s collection. Use various samples of your favorite fragrances and make an arrangement out of those. These candle gift baskets should include helpful items like votive holders, candle snuffers and long lighting instruments.

Thinking about sending a boring old fruit basket? Consider making fruit-scented arrangements in candle gift baskets instead. They have a much longer shelf life and they still stick to the traditional theme.

There are so many options when it comes to making creative candle gift baskets. You can even make ones that are seasonal as well. Pumpkin and apple are great scents for fall. Choosing peppermint and spice scented candles for the arrangements are perfect for the winter holidays.

Even wedding couples could use candle gift baskets. Include long unscented candles, some beautiful crystal candlesticks and some champagne and glasses. You have a romantic arrangement that will be well received.

No matter what the occasion, you can create candle gift baskets that will be perfectly appropriate and well appreciated.