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7 months ago

12 Worthy Beard Styles 2020

Beard is like a soul to death; it grows life in a man and makes him look exceptional and uniquely admirable. Beard is something that, without it, a man is just a gender. Beard gives identification and position to a charming man. Beard gives a mature look; it is like wings to the bird. A man with a beard is more favorable to get attention, and it is more important to have a nice beard that suits your face and hairstyle. If you chose the wrong one, then there is no point in all those praises. So I am here to tell you about almost 12 worthy beard styles that are trending in 2020. This surely will help you decide what would fancy you.

  1. Beard for Black Men:
    A beard that is neither short nor long should be perfect for black men because they already have a subtle tone and texture, so they do not need a bushy beard to look mature or 'Man'. A Vintage beard sounds most acceptable for black men's faces. They must have good shaving tools as this looks need definite shave to make it sharp.

    • Do use beard serums before styling.
    • Style your hair with a blow-dry or keep it short.
    • Use beard oils at night and leave it overnight.
  2. Beard for Indian/brown Men:
    I think they mainly depend on their face shape. Brown men usually have beard, which is either short or bushy; you need to be more specific about your a beard because it is a constant theme.

    • Cleanse your beard and do use a suitable tiny bristles comb.
    • Use beard serums and oils to have good growth.
  3. Beard for White Men:
    White men should opt for a full beard or French beard as they have a fair skin tone on which these heavy styles can look tempting. Hair comb for men can be useful in beard styling with beard oil to prevent dryness. White men usually go for medium beard styles. It should be a little long and messy with a short or medium haircut. A Bushy beard would also look great when it comes to fair skin.

    • After shave balm for men is used excessively throughout the world to take good care of it.
    • Usage of balm daily can make your beard shiny and strong
    • Use essentials oil to have hair surface growth without irritation.
  4. Beard for Teenagers:
    Facial hair growth in teenage feels so inappropriate, but there is some light shaved beard which looks awesome on teenagers, they should use best shaving cream for men to avoid rough surface. And they can select a medium blow-dried hairstyle, and that just looks great.

    • If you have a premature growth, then first start with nice shaving creams and don't go for beard initially.
    • After having a mature beard, you may select a perfect hairstyle and beard. The hairstyle is the key for teenagers.
  5. Short boxed Beard:
    It is a full beard with short trimmed hair on the sides. It is good for men who have a rectangular face. It will look so appropriate and natural on guys, but it needs accurate trimming and right styling tools. It is trending crazily in 2020.

    • Keep all your tools handy when traveling, because this style needs trimming after a while.
    • If it is not looking good on you, try the next one!
  6. Short Beard:
    Short Beard is opted by most of the guys as it needs less grooming and styling. It saves time as well as not so costly. Short beard on guys looks absolute and divine.

    • Use clay masks for beard. Apply it once a week.
  7. Long Beard:
    Musicians usually have a kind of personality with long bushy hair and long beard, and they carry that look with such an Excellency that it is unexampled. Long Beard is very demanding, but most guys can not go for it because it needs more care and attention.

    • Keep all your tools handy.
      Invest in a good comb, styling tools, and beard balms for men.
    • Plan a beard care routine once in a week.
  8. Beard for Oval face shape:
    Oval face shape guys struggle with unfavorable situations when selecting beard styles. They always fancy new and various beard style which would go with their face. Longbeard can do a great favor to oval face shaped guy as it will give them a superb look. Anchor beard not do much favor but can go with a bit dark skin tone and do wonders. Long stubble beard will also look unparalleled and less judgmental. These all with go smoothly as oval faced shape needs more width to cover up the jawline.

    • be confident.
    • Caress your beard twice a week with massages.
  9. Beard for Round face shape:
    Round faces do not have a sharper jawline and have a soft chin. Guys go numb when it comes to their beard styles because it is pretty much tricky. Chin Beard looks good only with a round face, and long boxed beard looks also suits authentic.

    • Do vocal sound face exercise
    • Do good beard trimming
  10. Beard for Rectangle face shape:
    A Rectangle face is almost wide, and it does not need to add beard along to exaggerate more. Many guys go for a short beard in this case, but there are some different ones who want to put on a 'gangster look' to look all bossy with swag. So that guys go for a full beard with a medium length hairstyle to look just what they want.

    • It's not necessary to go salon, but you need a visit every month
      Cut it gently in shape
  11. Beard for Square face shape:
    A Chin bushy and faded beard is trending with a square face, as it has more hair on the chin and trimmed hair on the sides. Square face men are already very attractive with the prominence of their face.

    • Visit the salon for a good faded beard.
  12. Beard for Triangle face shape:
    A Short stubble beard is preferable for this shape as it has a sharper and prominent chin. It needs a lot of styling in hair to make it look balanced and convincing. A pointed beard can also be favorable in some of the categories and will be superlative to go with.


  • Apply effective beard oil day after day for better style
  • Go for a good mustache
    Be gentle

Be selective with your beard styles, and take good care of it.