Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Bratz dolls must die! They must all be destroyed immediately. These may be very strong words but make no mistake - I mean them. I was unaware of these atrocious "toys" until recently when I was unfortunate enough to come across the Bratz television show one Saturday morning. I was appalled to say the least. I had to watch, at least for a minute or two, to make sure that I was seeing it correctly. I was.

Never have I seen something so disgusting as a cartoon aimed toward little girls that unabashedly glamorizes slutty behavior. That's right - slutty. The prepubescent characters on the show, whose representations you can easily find in the toy department at any local store, dress and look like hookers. The clothes, the makeup and the attitudes of the characters should not be shown to little girls as something to look up to. In fact, these base representations of female characters are just about the last thing a girl in these modern times should be emulating. In a country where we used to stand up and speak out about women's rights, I am ashamed that degrading images of girls such as these have made it to store shelves.

Bratz dolls are probably available at every Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target in this country. I find it ironic that Wal-Mart, a juggernaut that at times claims to be a family establishment, going so far as to ban certain adult-oriented publications from its shelves to keep young eyes from viewing them, would carry Bratz dolls. Anyone with two eyes and any level of intelligence can see that Bratz dolls look like glorified, underage prostitutes. What has happened to our society when we create such filth and then market it to our young children? Is anyone out there concerned with anything except profits?

As a woman, I am very insulted by the images portrayed by Bratz dolls and in the television show. I am insulted that people in this day and time would allow their young daughters to be subjected to these images. I feel sorry for the mother who feels the same way I do and has to explain herself to her daughter as they walk through the section of the toy department where the Bratz dolls are shelved. I feel sorry for any little girl who does not identify with the Bratz dolls but feels pressure from her friends to accept them.

Bratz dolls should not be seen as playthings for young children. At the very best, Bratz dolls are a sickening intersection of pedophilia and child's toy. Bratz dolls are meant to look like young girls dressed and made up like grown and licentious women. They should be burned and banned and the makers of these disgusting "toys" should be ashamed of themselves.

If you are a parent who has allowed your child to watch the tv show or own any Bratz dolls, you might think about putting a stop to that as soon as possible. If you do not, you will one day have a child standing in front of you who is not at all how you wanted them to be and you will wonder why they have no respect for you or for themselves. Remember this. Every image you provide your child with leaves an impression that stays with them forever.