Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Bottle of water

Those who know me will tell you that no matter where I go, I usually have at least one bottle of water with me. I do enjoy other drinks, but water is definitely my drink of choice. I'm very peculiar in my choices of water that I will drink, however. I won't drink my tap water unless I have to. I only buy gallons of water from the store that I will drink when I'm at home. I try very hard to not drink a soda or coffee while I'm at work. I always take a bottle of water for my day and if it is empty by the end of the day, I will fill it with water from the cooler in our hallway.

Aquafina came out with a bottle of water called Flavor Splash that has zero calories and is non-carbonated. While I enjoy flavored waters, I don't like carbonation. It reminds me too much of drinking soda and leaves me with that same bloating sensation. This Flavor Splash just tastes like light and refreshing water. It isn't as cheap as some of the other bottles of water that are found in stores but to me, it is worthwhile. My husband has taken to the Nestle flavored waters that have come out. Between the two of us, we probably spend $10 each week in order to have a bottle of water for several times a day for a week. I didn't like spending that much money on water at first. I even tried other brands and flavors of water but they just weren't comparable. I had to have the bottle of water that I choose. It is the only way that I will actually drink any water.

My doctor was more than thrilled when I first announced that I was pregnant and giving up caffeine. That's when my addiction to water began. She had stressed to me for years the importance of water. I just hated the idea of drinking water, let alone carrying around a bottle of water. She's told me several times that she is incredibly happy to know that I now carry a bottle of water around everywhere. It is amazing how time changes people. Interestingly enough, if the day is drawing to an end and I haven't drank more than one bottle of water, I feel it. I begin to feel a bit dehydrated and actually start to crave water. I had never noticed that before when I was addicted to caffeine. My body rarely ever had water. My daughter has picked up on our healthy habit of drinking water and will ask for some flavored water in her sippy cup. I'm always more than happy to let her have some from my bottle of water.