Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Boot camp

With the way that the military is these days and the wars that are taking place, I am the first to admit that I would not make it for one day in the military. I wouldn't even make it through boot camp. There is no doubt that those who enter the military and make it through boot camp are definitely more dedicated and disciplined more than the majority of us. My cousin entered the Marines in 1992. He had a bit of an attitude and quite a reputation for being standoffish and stubborn. His parents didn't think that he would make it through boot camp, but he did. In fact, when he came home after months of boot camp, he was a different person. His mannerisms were more mature and his tone of speech was more respectful to others. Our family was greatly impressed. I'm not sure if someone in boot camp really straightened him out or if just making it through boot camp was what changed him.

We've all seen the movies that portray boot camp as being horrible and strenuous. Most people think that is all fake and for the sake of Hollywood. That's not necessarily true. It isn't exactly a vacation. High school graduates who have barely seen the world are in for a new and rough awakening but in many ways, boot camp will make them stronger individuals than they would be without that experience.

What I do find horrendous nowadays is the behavior and lack of respect from many teenagers. Some of them are clearly out of control and there is nothing that anyone seems to be able to do about it. Parents may just not care anymore or feel completely lost about being able to do anything to control them. These teenagers, and younger children, are doomed for a difficult life. Perhaps they will find themselves living on the streets or in jail someday. If you've seen the Maury Povich show at all, you know that he sometimes sends out of control individuals to boot camp. While the show may be a bit outlandish, the concept isn't such a bad idea. Boot camp really could change some people's lives and ways of thinking. There are wilderness camps that are designed for out of control and troubled teens that have proven to be very effective. Perhaps our country needs more of them. Maybe more people need to attend boot camp in order to learn some new ways of respect and discipline. I know that I'm not about to volunteer
myself, I wouldn't make it for more than an hour.