Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

Bon Jovi Poster

It’s a matter of thinking ahead, really. This was something I was not good at in my younger years, and the time I bought a Bon Jovi poster is proof of this. I don’t think I was the only one who did this, but after the fact, I realized my ability to think ahead was nonexistent. You may be wondering what in the world I am talking about, but take my word for it, a Bon Jovi poster indeed taught me the lesson of thinking about what I am doing before I do it. It may sound silly, but sometimes the big lessons come in very simple forms.

I went on a trip to New Jersey with a friend directly after we graduated from high school. She had a sister stationed there at the army base, and she invited us both to come down. As luck would have it, Bon Jovi and Skid Row were playing in Philadelphia while we were down there, and it was a quick drive up from where here sister lived. We didn’t get great seats, but I didn’t care. I was going to see two of my favorite bands in one night.

As you can imagine, my funds were limited, and I really had to watch what I spent. Because we were staying with her sister, we didn’t have to worry about hotel or food, but everything else was my responsibility. I actually did rather well until we got to the show. I went to look at the merchandise and decided I could afford a program. I looked up and saw a huge Bon Jovi poster that was also for sale. It was at least five by five feet in size, and I just had to have it. Looking back, I’m not sure why I felt the need to own it, and I often wonder what I was thinking. It was fifteen dollars and I really didn’t need to spend that much money on a Bon Jovi poster, but I did it anyway.

That was my first mistake, but it is a common one. My mistake was not realizing this was not the best purchase to make before the show. The Bon Jovi poster was huge and even in its rolled up form, there was really nowhere to put it during the show. The only thing I could do with my prized Bon Jovi poster was laying it under the seats. Not only did it get trampled, someone also spilled his or her soda on it. So much for my expensive Bon Jovi poster, right? It was a silly little lesson, but I always remember that when I am away. Save the big stuff for your last purchase, and if you are at a function or concert, don’t buy until the end unless you are prepared to run out to your car before the show starts.