Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

The old adage presentation is 9/10 of success is nowhere more true than in the area of brewing your own beer. Don't get me wrong, every aspect of the home brewing process is important. Having the right beer brewing and beer bottling supplies is crucial.

But if you go through all the work to make a great homebrewed to be your and then use cheap plastic beer bottles, all of your effort is wasted. Your friends will take one look at your beer bottles and assume that you do not even care. Now, their opinions might change once they take a drink from the beer bottle, but first impressions are just so important, don't you think? Maybe your friends are more able to suspend judgment than mine are, but when I offered my friends beer from beer bottles that had been soda pop bottles in a previous life, it was much harder to get them to give the beer try.

Of course, for most home brewers, the beer bottles that they use are the very last thing that they think about. This is only natural. Why bottle beer in good bottles when you have not even bothered to make good beer? It just does not make sense.

The important thing is to go for a quality brew and then worry about the way that the bottles look. But even so, it pays to think about appearance from the very beginning. You should get a beer bottle label maker, and think of the neat graphic and a good name for your beer bottles. You can even get antique beer bottles to give your ale a vintage feel. Although getting these antique beer bottles can cost you a good bit of money, your friends are more than likely to appreciate the extra effort that you have gone through to make your beer look as good as it tastes.

They will open up the beer bottles expecting to be treated by a pleasant surprise, and so it will be a lot more easy to win their favor. If, by contrast, you have beer bottles the look awful, anyone who tries them is likely to assume that they are awful. Now, it is possible to pleasantly surprised them, but why go through all the bother of having a hostile audience when it is so it easy to set things up so that you will have a more receptive one? Really, it is just common sense.