Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

A lot of people tell me that my baby harness is barbaric. They say that keeping your infants on a baby leash is little more than treating your infant like a dog. I could not agree less. What is really barbaric and irresponsible is when the parents let their babies run around without keeping track of them at all! Why, without baby leashes, how can even stop them from running off? It seems that an unleashed baby could run anywhere and everywhere, and we all know how fast toddlers can get away. I think it is simply rude, not to mention irresponsible and bad parenting. If you do not have your baby on a baby leash, what is to stop it from running up and grabbing hold of someone else's trousers or skirt, drooling all over the place, or taking another young child's toys? No, for me the only way to take your baby out in public is on baby leash!

Of course, the very name the baby leash is a misnomer. It makes people think of a choke collar like you would have on a dog or something. Nothing could be further from the truth if you ask me! Really, what people call baby leash is more like a toddler harness. It fits under the arms and around the chest in a way that is not uncomfortable for the baby. Why before I had my baby on a baby leash, he would run all over the place and end up in much more discomfort than the leash puts him in. Why, I would have just sat down for a conversation with one of my dear friends from the ladies Bridge club, when I would hear a yelling and a screaming to beat all. I swear I would only look away for five or 10 minutes, and find my baby had wandered into a patch of stinging nettles. Can you imagine the horror of having such a badly behaved child? Without the baby leash, it is as if my child has no self control at all. Talk about behaving like a baby!

Of course, I consider the baby leash not to be so much a punishment for the child, as a way to ensure he behaves in the future. Privileges, one must remember, must be earned and not given freely away, or else a kid or teenager will learn to take them for granted. Although many people think that this system of raising a child should not start before the age of five, I think it is never too early to teach a kid discipline.