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Do you know someone who's expecting? Baby gift baskets are a trendy and practical gift for the new Mom and baby. Expectant Moms shop for the nursery, and stock up on diapers, t-shirts and sleepers – the essentials. A new baby is an expensive proposition! Getting the necessary items may stretch a couple's budget to the limit. Here's where a baby gift basket can help fill those gaps.

Baby gift baskets are a terrific shower gift, filled with items of a more luxurious or unusual selection. Mom and Baby are sure to enjoy these additions.

When selecting a basket, keep in mind that the basket can serve another purpose for Mom after the baby's born. A large hamper style might be used for sheet or towel storage. A shallow sturdy oval basket can hold baby shampoo, oil and wipes, along with ointments and such.

If your basket is on the large side, you might fill it with lots of stuffed animals. Believe me, you can never have too many of these! Baby stores have a diverse selection, often unusual and so very cute!

Rattles and colorful toys are good for visual and audio stimulation, so important to baby's development. Baby stores carry an amazing array of such items. Ask a sales person for suggestions. They know what's new and popular.

Babies need to be warm, so a variety of hats are welcome, especially for a baby born in the cold months. If your expectant Mom lives in a chilly region, you can fill an entire baby gift basket with hats! Knitted and crocheted, quilted bonnets, and fur-lined hats are some possibilities.

A baby born in summer or a more tropical climate may like lots of sun suits. If you sew, there are many patterns available to make personalized sun suits. Remember, babies grow fast! You may want to include a selection of sizes. Department stores have sun suits galore for those of you who don't sew. Again, you can fill a baby gift basket with just this one item.

Mobiles are favorite nursery items. Babies are visual, and a mobile decoration provides many happy hours of joy for a baby. Baby stores have a panoply of unusual and eye-catching mobiles for babies. Search them out, or make your own. Great “stuffers” for baby gift baskets.

Enlist your own kids for ideas. Young children often have excellent ideas that intrigue babies.

Baby gift baskets need not fulfill an immediate need. Time has a way of passing quickly with a new baby! Colorfully illustrated storybooks and alphabet flashcards are gifts to keep for tomorrow.

Your new Mom will treasure your handmade baby gift basket. Your love and caring feelings for her great event will shine through and last in memories for years to come!