Pclasp (@admin)
7 months ago

There’s a rather rampant rumor circulating that says that if a woman has a tan she’ll appear thinner. Speaking for women of all ages, I’d have to say that when we hear about anything that will make us appear thinner, without having to give up sugar, we’ll give it a try.

The idea of getting a tan without the risk of sitting in the sun for hours has generated a whole host of products. Everything from lying in a tanning booth to spreading orange tinted cream on your skin has been suggested to a woman who wants a tan. However, there is a way to get a tan that is both safe and looks natural and that’s with airbrush tanning.

This process is much the same as when you go to get your car painted. With the help of air, the color is sprayed on and it’s designed to leave you with a very even tan. Airbrush tanning varies though from establishment to establishment, so you’ve got to know what you’re looking for before you allow anyone to give you an airbrush tan.

Don’t be fooled by the over the counter products you can purchase at your local cosmetics department that claim to the same as airbrush tanning. They aren’t at all. These aerosol cans simply don’t have the power to give you the same level of power as professional airbrush tanning does. They may appear to because of the images shown on the can of women with perfect tans, but don’t be fooled. You’ll not only be wasting your money if you purchase one of these products but you’re also likely to end up a lovely shade of orange.

A good plan of action is to call any local tanning salons in your area. Many are now recognizing the appeal of airbrush tanning and often have specials available to their new and established clients. A popular promotion is the two-for-one deal which allows you and a friend to both get an airbrush tan at half the normal cost. You can also compare how great your tans look afterwards.

Preparation is the key if you want to end up with a beautiful and natural looking sun-kissed skin color. When you call and book your airbrush tanning appointment you’ll most likely be told to shower and exfoliate before the procedure. This is essential to a great airbrush tan because if there is any make-up or grease on your skin, it will show through the tan. No one wants to invest money in an airbrush tan to realize it looks fake afterwards.