Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

I just bought a fantastically thick featherbed for my king sized mattress. While I love the item, I’m afraid that I wasted my money because I can’t fit my 1000 count sheets over the thing. To be honest, between the featherbed and the sheets, I’ll take the 1000 thread count sheets any day.

Insomnia is a huge problem for me and my husband. He has trouble sleeping at night because I have insomnia. My husband has the residual effects of my tossing and turning all night. The featherbed was ordered to help me get some rest but in the meantime my sister bought me 1000 count sheets for the bed.

The first night that I slept on the 1000 count sheets I was amazed. I can’t remember being so relaxed and comfortable in my life. I was still excited about the pending featherbed but I was really satisfied with the 1000 thread count sheet set. Nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

When the featherbed arrived I was happy to see that it was in beautiful shape and so crisp and clean. I laid the thick mattress pad on the king size bed only to begin feeling a little apprehensive about my 1000 count sheets. There was no way I could fit the fitted sheet over the thick pad.

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t try. I’m glad no one was in the room to witness my struggle with the massive feather bed but I was determined to have my 1000 count sheets any way that I could. That turned out to be under the mattress pad instead of on top where they belong.

I tried to sleep on the new bedding but I really missed the 1000 thread count sheet set that I had grow used to. After a restless night I decided to put the featherbed away so I could sleep peacefully.

I hated to waste the money that I spent on the thick mattress pad so I thought that I would offer it to my thoughtful sister. She snorted and said that there was no way she could fit her sheets over the feather bed. She just didn’t want bothered with the thing.

I guess that a featherbed is great for someone who can’t get a good night’s sleep on occasion. A person who has insomnia is better off with nice 1000 count sheets. There is no way I’m sleeping without them.