Pclasp (@admin)
8 months ago

Some cars just aren’t equipped to handle the cold bite of winter and if the driver wants more than a weak blast of hot air every now and again, they are going to have to find extra ammunition against winter’s wrath. If your car heater has seen better days, consider using one of the 12 volt heaters that are designed for vehicle use.

They are not only great at warming the air inside the car but they are also good for helping the defrosting of car windows. If you have to park outdoors in winter, 12 volt heaters can warm up your entire car much faster than with the traditional defroster the car comes with. This means that if you’ve got one of these 12 volt heaters you can be on the road sooner and not have to worry about the dangers of driving with fogged up windows.

Most of them are set up to be used with the cigarette lighter which means you don’t have to go searching around for the right size batteries. It also means that a person that wants to save money can use one of these 12 volt heaters to warm the car and they don’t have to deal with the extra gas consumption that is common with a car heater.

Although they are great at defrosting your windows and warming a breezy car, you can also use one to keep the kids toasty. Most car heaters work from the front to the back and that means that the front of the car gets hotter than the back does and causes the people in the front to get too hot while those in the back can still be cold. This is where the 12 volt heaters can keep a balance of heat that is not dependant on just one heating source.

These handy gadgets have proven that they can be heaven sent to those that have a need to keep a balanced temperature in the car. This is very true for a car that has a smoker on a long trip. No doubt the smoker is going to open their window to keep the smoke moving out of the car, but in exchange the cold winter air pours in. When 12 volt heaters enter the equation, the car stays warm while the smoke is seeping out.

Many luxury items for vehicles cost a pretty penny or two, but that’s not the case here. You can usually find a good selection of 12 volt heaters at your local car parts store and even some discount department stores carry them. The prices for the 12 volt heaters are going to range from very reasonable to pretty expensive depending on the brand name and any extra features.