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8 months ago

Apple presents a new product to the world. But now, it’s time for LinksMangements to introduce an effective link building technique to the customers!

The Skyscraper Method… What is That?

It is a technique that can be used to earn high-quality & organic backlinks, using insights from other top-performing content assets to inform your own approach.

3 Core Principles of “Skyscraper”:
Find content that has earned lots of links
Create a better piece of content for a particular topic than what is already out there & publish it on your own site.
Promote your content to the right people and let them know it exists.

The Skyscraper Technique to Win the Traffic Race [September 2020]
So, your goal is to create the biggest piece of content that stands above all others in the same way as a skyscraper stands above everything else in a skyline.

How to DO That?

Analyze the Google SERPs

Create a long-form piece of content OR
Go deeper into the topic OR
Make your content stand out visually OR
Update this content as much as possible

Find Relevant

Such type of engaging content adds so much value and depth to a topic that it makes sense for those on your outreach list to link to it.

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