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Pclasp (@admin)
Sep 14th 2020, 12:50 pm

Selling special reports is the hottest sellers in mail order to Come along in many years and the best part is that you become Your own prime source publisher.

There are basically two ways to sell information by mail:

  1. By placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers, either classified or space ads,
  2. By renting mailing lists and sending your sales letter to the name on the list.

How and where to advertise:

There have been entire volumes written on mail order selling. For Printed information, the best way to learn how and where to Advertise is go to a newstand and check through all the magazines Carrying large numbers of classified and space ads...Magazines like popular science, field and stream, outdoor life, etc...Whereever competitive advertising appears on a regular basis, that's where your best advertising will be.
The next step is to write to the magazines (there will be an address in the ad columns) and ask for their classified & display ads rate cards. These cards give you all the information you need to place an ad. If you need additional help, you can call them and most will provide counsel on how to place your ad, whether it be classified or display.

How to write your advertisement:

determine what type of information you intend to sell by mail.

Example : financial information. Then go to the newstand again and buy every magazine carrying and selling financial information. Write away to the advertisers for information. Most will run ads inviting you to write in for " free details". Once you begin to get an influx of material, you carefully file it away to use as a model for developing sales material for your own offer.

Yes, mail order is this simple!

It is possible to get free advertising if your product has a Unique appeal of interest to the editor. Ways of obtaining free Advertising are detailed in the special report in your Collection.

All you need to get started is to run perhaps a small Classified ad selling one or all of your reports in your possessions. If you wish to go the route of direct mail, you can obtain mailing lists through some of the advertisers in the newstand magazines. Check the classified for "Mailing lists". Later on, you will want to develop your own offers to market by
Good luck and bet wishes!