Theodora Igbokwe (@dora2)
8 months ago


Did he just say he is my husband? When he mentioned 'Nath', i felt a jolt in my heart but this situation just took a wierd turn. How could he possibly be my husband and i dont feel anything but irritation at the sight of him?.
So, for how long have we been married? Do we have kids? If yes, where are they? What about my parents? Are they still alive? What about siblings, his family, his job, my job… infact where on earth am i??!!! Everything just kept jammingvin my head, i began to cry.
"Lord, please save me, i'm in need of your help here", i silently cried.
I forgot about the bathroom i needed to visit. I just lay back on the bed, drew the covers and went back to sleep.
It was late in the afternoon, i slept intovthe night. I was woken by a tap on my leg which had been exposed due to my tossing and turning around. It was a lady, roughly in her late 20's or early 30's.
"Dinner is served Mrs. Benson"
My eyes flew open.
"What did you call me?", i furiously whispered
"Mrs. Benson, maam", she bowed. She looked really scared. "Uhm i'm sorry i sounded that way. What is your name?" "Alyson, maam"
"Ok Alyson, have we met before?"
She gave me a strange look.
"Oh i'm sorry Alyson, but you know i happened to be unfortunately involved in an accident and now i have anmnesia… i cant remember anything".
"No maam, we have never met. This is the first time" "Ok uhmm how long have you known Nath, my… husband and how much do you know about him?" "I've known him for a long time and i know him very well… i was his cook some time ago" "Ok, so for how long have we actualluy been married? Do we have kids? Please tell me, i need to know " "Uhm… actually… I ahhhh" "What, what's wrong. Why are you stammering" She looked fearfully at the door, then back at me. Her legs were really shaking and so were her hands. "Maam, there is something i really need to tell you… something you must know"